"A man gives many question marks, however, a woman is a whole mystery." - Diana Stürm

Every female has an EMO phase. Its an in-built instinctive attitude that dumbfounds every guy on this planet.

One second happy, next second angry - if you set her off. She's loving yet vengeful, aggressive yet feminine, strong yet fragile, raw yet graceful, playful yet serious. All at the same time. A chameleon of characters rolled into one empowering figure.
The EMO brand encapsulates all these traits in its creation. It tries to be unpredictable, eclectic, playful, colourful, sexy and multi-faceted.

Spontaneity, love in creating and having fun are key wherever possible. Our creations are all handmade and/or hand-assembled by our own personal touch.
Being a girl has 'this' privilege...a gift one might say. And guys, its not PMS, its just E-M-O. Live with it. Don't make her EMO. You wouldn't like her when she EMO.

Guys, we didn't leave you out. Check out our creations that feed your EGO.

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